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The History

Starting in the early 70's, Mazzotti's opened originally in Huntington Beach, California, where Clyde Mazzotti and his family served original recipes over the counter to a loyal and regular clientele. Through the years, Mazzotti's has seen success in many locations, including Arizona, Colorado, and right here in Northern California!

Shortly after opening in Huntington Beach, brothers Lenny and Tony Mazzotti opened the Eureka, California location, and it wasn't long before the place was a haven for the locals, spawning local baseball and sports legends!

Clyde Mazzotti 1
Clyde Mazzotti 2

As the years went by, Clyde, Judy, and their younger kids Talia and Joseph relocated from Huntington Beach to Eureka, and the older brothers moved south to keep up with the demanding growth and success of the very popular Huntington Beach location.

After Clyde passed away in the early 90's, his younger son Joe took the reins, and for years he and his wife Jean kept Mazzotti's a popular location until 2002 - when Mazzotti's expanded to the plaza in Arcata, California.